Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Fun: WWWTP? Linkin Park Edition

Through the wonders of the Internet, I've found this still image from the 2003 Linkin Park video for "Numb":

In the video, a young, disaffected student dreams of traveling to far-flung cities to practice her true talent - sculptural drawing. However, it seems an evil chemistry professor stands in her way.

But look behind the (hilariously stereotyped) man with the chalkboard pointer. an alloy, perhaps? And how come there's a subscript number before the nitrous acid?

If that were my science teacher, I'd feel "numbed" by his complete lack of chemistry education.

Happy Friday,
See Arr Oh


  1. Having second-hand experience with Na/K alloy, I think being numb would be preferable to being in the vicinity of Na/K alloy + sulfuric acid + water, though it would certainly keep the class awake, at least until medical help arrived.

  2. Wait, you all don't wear sweater vests to work?

    1. Shocking, I know. But the glasses and part? Totally me.

  3. Well, at least they didn't try heavy metal