Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Chemistry Photo-Op

Carrying high-resolution cameras in our collective pockets has spawned a new age of lab photography. Witness Chemistry in Pictures, the official American Chemical Society Tumblr site. There you’ll find mazelike porphyrin crystals (below), glowing TLC plates, and ultralight aerogels poised atop fragile flowers.

Credit: Anna Slater | Chemical & Engineering News Tumblr

Want to dive even deeper into the laboratory? Kristof Hegedus has you covered: his aptly-named site Photos from an Organic Chemistry Laboratory brings forth reaction gifs, failed black tars, and icy fractals of crystalline intermediates. Perhaps your interests lean towards chemical education – the picture blog for you is Picture It… Based out of the University of Bristol, and freely available for re-use through Creative Commons, the authors overlay well-posed plants, foods, and common substances alongside their constituent molecules. 

Finally, for the effete artiste, we present Beautiful Chemistry. A joint venture of Tsinghua University Press and the University of Science and Technology in China, this site has it all: Priestly’s apparatus, HD videos of crystal growth, and animated DNA nanostructures. A true treat for the chemically and artistically inclined.

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