Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Chempubs Hat Trick

Slow down, Guangbin!
(said I, channeling my inner Dr. Freddy...)

Guangbin Dong of the University of Texas-Austin has just published three papers in three different journals with Impact Factors over three. What's more - he did it all in the same week.

Just think of them as buckyballs
The papers in question?

"Regioselective ketone alpha-alkylation with simple olefins by dual activation"
Science, published 4 July 2014; 2013 IF: 31.0

"Cooperative alkylation of cyclobutanones and olefins leads to bridged ring systems by a catalytic [4+2] coupling"
Nature Chemistry, published 6 July 2014; 2013 IF: 21.8

"Alkylation of rhodium porphyrins using ammonium and quinolium salts"
Organometallics, published 7 July 2014; 2013 IF: 4.1

I hereby institute the Chempubs Hat Trick - Three papers, Three Journals, IF > 3.0, one week.

Congratulations to Prof. Dong for winning the inaugural award! But, I'm sure I've missed others who've been so deserving. Readers, have you noticed anyone else - present OR past! - who made this many simultaneous "shots on goal"?

Leave awardees' names in the comments!


  1. Claudiu Supuran
    >50 papers in 6 months. Who cares about impact? Or content?
    Can anyone tell the difference? Does anyone read them?

  2. In football, a 'perfect hat trick' is one goal scored with each foot and one with the head. What's the equivalent here? Papers on organic, inorganic and physical chemistry?

  3. Also, Alan Katritzky has surely netted a hat trick at some point, but I'll let someone else comb through the 2000+ publications to find it.