Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Coming Soon: Harvard's ComSciCon

(Thanks to Joseph Meany [@CrimsonAlchemist] for the tip!)
Source: Harvard ComSciCon

Want to study science communication at Harvard? Better hurry!

Applications for the June 2014 ComSciCon ("The Communicating Science workshop for graduate students") close on March 1st. The conference, which opened in 2013, has hosted professional science writers from NPR, The Atlantic, and professors from MIT and Harvard.

The application, which requires a few writing samples and thought exercises, looks pretty straightforward. The best part? This year's conference is open to all science graduate students at US institutions. Successful applicants will receive free registration, travel, and accommodations.

Here's the short version for June:

  • Communicating with non-scientific audiences
  • Communicating complexity and controversy
  • Communicating for a cause
  • Communicating with multimedia
  • Engaging diverse audiences
Interested? Go apply today

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