Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bluth Family Chemistry

*WARNING - Spoilers below! If you haven't seen these episodes, skip this post!*

To celebrate the recent release of the new Arrested Development episodes on Netflix, I've rounded up a short list of the witty, chem-inspired scenes from Season 4.

George Michael's dorm room, Episode 9

Episode 1 (on-campus at UC-Irvine) "...and so, the planning continued, through what should have been Organic Chemistry..."

Dr. Norman's "thinking cap" involves a nitrous tank...
Episode 6 (in a doctor's office somewhere in Mexico)

Dr. Norman (Mad Men's John Slattery): "Did you perhaps ingest some water with memories of some molecule in it?"
George Bluth: "Do you keep track of every molecule you ingest?"
Dr. Norman: "Well, actually, in homeopathy, it's the molecules you don't ingest..."

Maeby and Perfecto 'share some chemistry'
Readers, did you find any more chem Easter eggs?


  1. Beat me to it. I noticed these as well.

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