Tuesday, December 18, 2012

'Beast Mode' Secret - Candy!

It's almost playoff season in the NFL, and some teams are getting hot at just the right time. Teams like the Seattle Seahawks, and their bruising running back Marshawn Lynch.

Apparently 'Beast Mode' begins with a Skittle shower
Source: ESPN Sport Science | Marshawn Lynch
Here comes the chemistry: an ESPN Sport Science video posted yesterday explains one of the secrets behind Marshawn's "Beast Mode" - the seemingly unstoppable extra bursts of power Lynch displays as the game goes on. Noshing on candy while standing on the sideline seems to grant him special powers, as shown by some "science-y" experiments (n = 1 for everything, alas) which tested grip strength, agility, and reaction time.

Though the tests might not be top-notch, the message still carries: I'll watch any sports video that attempts to explain how glycolysis and insulin work together to regulate blood sugar levels.

(We'll also forgive them for just showing animated red blood cells, when they could have zoomed in on mitochondria, or perhaps laid out the whole Krebs cycle. Maybe next time?)