Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Abstract Coloring Book: Take Two

The "colored abstract bug" spreads quickly. Since I began cataloguing appearances, they've cropped up in several other journals, including at least 3 examples in just the last 48 hours.

First, here's some ACIEE oroidin fun, courtesy of the Romo and Molinski groups (sea sponge in the background?):

Next, a sweet little palladacycle OM, thanks to the Gonzalez-Herrero and Vicente groups, in Spain (bright yellow, for Pd?):

Finally, submitted for your consideration, this chalcogen cluster assembly graphic from the Holm lab at Harvard, which recently graced JACS ('M' is tungsten, in case you missed it...):

Again, I'd like to point out that I'm not opposed to deft use of color, to draw the eye, differentiate, or point out an otherwise missed detail. But when the abstracts look more like abstract art? Too much.

Side Note: I couldn't resist showing one more, even though it's not from this past week. A 2011 KCN classic, nonetheless - behold, Epicoccin G (now in color!)