Friday, August 26, 2011

Memes and Bandwagons

I'm interested in how internet memes get started; it's probably the same mob psychology that drives events like Black Friday or stock market bubbles. Either way, when I read Carmen Drahl's Haystack post with the handwritten chemical structures, followed by Chemjobber's homage, I felt the urgent need to actively participate in what is, undoubtedly, the next big thing on the internet: structure drawing!!!

Perhaps I should link this to a catchy jingle, or a flashing banner ad?
 So, there you go, now I'm part of the groundswell. Feel free to comment or critique, I'll even start you off: yes, I know my hydrogens look like "4's", and the persnickety demands of my postdoc advisor for exactness drove my desire to cap off those alkyl stereocenters with an actual group. 

'Til we all meet again on YouTube, 14,000,000 hits later...



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