Friday, July 15, 2011

Wachet auf!

Good morning, internet!  This is See Arr Oh, signing on for the first time under my own name.  Well, still a pseudonym, but it gives me the freedom to speak my own thoughts and post what I want. 

What do people do on "first posts?"  (Besides embarass themselves and create fodder to look back on in five years and say "Why on Earth did I write that?")  Guess I'll set some ground rules...

1.  This blog will reach out to the wider world about science, and especially chemistry. 

2. Wherever possible, I will link to / credit / provide a reference for work I've borrowed from other places.  To me, intellectual property theft ranks up there with walking into the Louvre, punching the garde de sécurité, and throwing tomatoes at Mona Lisa.

3. I want to try to develop as a writer and communicator.  Please, please prompt me with suggestions, comments, or rebukes in the commentary.  Even if it's to correct my grammar or point out a glaring omission.

Well, guess I'll go mull about my first "real" post....thanks for tuning in!


  1. Thanks, it's from my (former) backyard. Two backyards ago, actually. We grew it completely by accident, as well as a bunch of tomatoes and mystery squash.

  2. Posting comments doesn't work with Firefox (I'm using Safari here). Any idea why?

  3. Haven't run into that problem yet. I'll have to ask Chemjobber, as my commenting defaults are set to the same values as his are. Have you ever had problems commenting there?

  4. I haven't tried.
    Safari doesn't always work either (just failed).


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