Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Fun: John Hartwig, 2.0

Did I just see a GQ model pop up in my Inbox?

Source: Yale University
The email just dropped in to announce Prof. John Hartwig's receipt of the 2013 ACS Catalysis Lectureship. Kudos to him, he certainly deserves it! Over the past few years, I've truly enjoyed reading his explorations of Ir and Ni catalysis to achieve challenging transformations.

But the shocking part was the photo crop in the upper left corner...what a change! The "Hartwig" I have in my head, circa 2004, was this guy (right). Suit, tie, some distinguished grey in the temples, a demure smile.

But who's this, now? Check out the older, wiser Hartwig, stolen off his new group page at UC-Berkeley (left). What a change!

Source: UC-Berkeley

Gone are the glasses, the bookshelves, and the formal tie. Now we have a slightly more grizzled, more wistful JH, hair scattered by the wind, looking like he could take on the world.

I fully approve.

Happy Friday,

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  1. Moving from CT to IL to CA would do it, wouldn't it. Give it a few more days for the Hawaiian shirt and the earring to show up.