Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Fun: Chemistry Craigslist

Most folks these days have moved around some - whether for school, jobs, or family - thus buying and selling furniture and appliances on the cheap = required skill. 
Enter Craigslist, the online "Wanted Ads" for the grad student who just needs to find a $50 couch.

Many of the raucous online discussions our community has had over the past few days (plagiarism, checking preps, #chemjobs) would probably benefit from better communication amongst ourselves, and with the larger world. Well, what if we had a little piece of digital property over on CL? What might that look like?

Help Wanted

Needed: Dissertation Typist. Must have encyclopedic knowledge of p-chem terminology, command of stereochemical language, enjoy ramen noodles for lunch. 130 wpm / minimum. 
Please bring own laptop if possible.


Dag! While uzing rotovap on teh third-floor labz, heard mah cell go off, rushed too take call. Came back to nuthin'! Anyone emptee the trap l8tley? 

Missed Connections. You: Tall, gangly chemist in need of a shave with thick glasses and a slightly stained lab coat. Me: Passed you by on an OSHA inspection, petite brunette, business suit, designer  goggles. I thought we shared a glance, but you may have just been nervous when you saw my badge. Perhaps a drink might help? Call 555-8G13

Plagiarism Party

We're meeting down in the conference room at 7:00PM tonight for drinks and text-searching. Up your alley?
                          - Location: Cambridge, MA
                                 - Just kidding, it's BYOB. But we'll have pizza (I think)
                                 - Scratch that, we're broke. But come anyway!

Happy Friday, everyone!

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  1. Help Wanted

    Undergrad assistant needed for a synthetic organic chemistry lab. Must be a chemistry major, plan to attend graduate school, made a decent grade in sophomore organic. You must be available for more than fifteen minutes on Wednesday morning. You must be actually be interested in the project and not just looking for a letter of recommendation. You must actually participate in the research and not just sit around on facebook, twitter or reddit while you're in the lab.

    If you're ready for long hours, confusing results and long purification procedures, inquire within.