Sunday, April 1, 2012

Press Release

(08:00, USA; 13:00, London GMT, For Immediate Release)*
 'Just Like Cooking' to Merge with Nature Publishing Group; New Journal 'Nature Cooking'

Just Like Cooking, a somewhat relevant chemistry blog based in the United States, has agreed in principal to merge with Nature Publishing Group (NPG), London. The union will result in a new publication - Nature Cooking - set to premiere in 2013 with blogger See Arr Oh as Editor.

Said Nature Chemistry Chief Editor, Stuart Cantrill: "We were thinking about ways to grow the brand beyond simple chemistry and biology, and hit upon this idea whilst eating LN2 ice cream at Chin Chin Laboratorists. See Arr Oh brings a wealth of kitchen-based knowledge, and we'll try for a real 'molecular gastronomy' flavour with this journal." Added Associate Editor Neil Withers: "Quite so."

Editorial staff will be selected from the finest food scientists and celebrity chefs (Pépin, Lagasse, and Morimoto have already signed on), and each issue will feature a fold-out pictorial of the Editorial staff dining at fine Michelin restaurants. Initial issues will explore the finer intricacies of British cuisine, including GC headspace analysis of haggis, density checks for Cornish pasty manufacture, and isolation of potent anti-cancer molecules from Christmas puddings.

Potential Nature Cooking dress code
Reaction around the blogosphere has been decidedly mixed. C&EN Associate Editor Carmen Drahl fought back tears, saying "We were about to rename Newscripts to Foodscripts, just to get See Arr Oh to stay." Bloggers Paul Docherty and B.R.S.M. both applauded the move, while Chemjobber lamented the loss: "I'm not happy, as this reduces chemical employment stateside, but if he sends me back some jammie dodgers and a Doctor Who poster, we'll call it even."

*Please see here for more information.


  1. The dress code ought to include a fez.

  2. Belated LOL. And yes to bowties. Last fall I met a DC lawyer who sells bespoke designs. Bought one for my brother-in-law, a newly minted prof.