Saturday, January 21, 2017

Chemistry Bumper Cars, 2017

In the age of globalization, Reddit, DM, and coffee shops, it's surprising when you don't hear about a faculty move at least two months ahead of it becoming reality.

(Alert! Repurposed text to follow!)

Last year's list has grown ungainly, and so it's time for a new batch. Same rules apply: If you hear of a move, please tell me in the comments, and I'll post in the "Pending Confirmation" section. Escape from pending purgatory involves sending me a link or other documentation from the new institution. Happy speculating!


Nathan Gianneschi (UCSD to Northwestern)
Karen Goldberg (Washington to Penn)
Laura Kiessling (Wisconsin to MIT)
Chenglong Li (OSU to Florida)
Christopher McCurdy (Mississippi to Florida)  thanks, Cunningham!
Randall Peterson (Harvard MGH to Utah, admin)
Ronald Raines (Wisconsin to MIT)
Kirk Schanze (Florida to UT-San Antonio)
Daniel Seidel (Rutgers to Florida)
James Skinner (Wisconsin to Chicago)
Greg Verdine (WaVe, WuXi Venture, Eleven, Fog)
Michael Wolfe (Harvard Med to Kansas)
Roy Wollman (UCSD to UCLA)
Chengguo Xing (Minnesota to Florida)  one source

Pending Confirmation

Andreas Lendlein (HZG to Texas A+M)
Carlos Silva (Montreal to Georgia Tech)
Junrong Zheng (Rice to Peking)

Very unlikely method - too much H2O gets into the deuterium oxide...

New Hires

Samuel Awuah (Kentucky)   thanks, Lippard lab!
Jean-Luc Ayitou (Illinois Institute of Tech)
Eszter Boros (Stony Brook)
Carlos Carrero (Auburn)  three sources
Christopher Dares (FIU two sources
Eric Detsi (UPenn)
Evan Joslin (U of the South)  one source
Jessica Kramer (Utah Bioengineering)
Ashley Longstreet (Tampa)   two sources
Tomoyasu Mani (UConn)
Andrew Nieuwkoop (Rutgers)
Michael Norris (Richmond)  one source
Eric Price (Saskatchewan)
Rebecca Quardokus (UConn)
Madalyn Radlauer (San Jose State)  personal communication
Jennifer Rupp (MIT)
Zachary Smith (MIT)
Mark Tibbitt (ETH)  one source
Gael Ung (UConn)
Konstantinos Vogiatzis (Tennesseeone source

Pending Confirmation

Jeff Bandar (Colorado State)
Christopher Hendon (Oregon)


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