Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What's 50,000?

Sometimes, I really regret glancing at my FiercePharma mailers. Yesterday's top headline?

"Pfizer's post-megamerger job cutting record? 51,500 jobs in 7 years"
(P.S. They're talking about the Pfizer / Wyeth merger, tracking 2008-2014)

Whenever a Really Big Number comes into play, I feel I need some extra context. What's 51,500, relative to other companies or scientific organizations?

Two-and-a-half Harvards (21,000), or 0.8 Ohio States (64,000)

22 Vertex Pharmaceuticals (~2300)

114 U.S. Congresses (441 members)

About the number of sci-jobs "saved" by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (50,000)

Roughly the population of Cupertino, CA (58,000, Home of Apple, Inc.), and...

...12,500 "lean" biotech start-ups (Perlstein Labs, 4)

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