Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Simpsons: Just Like "Cooking"

Ever have that feeling like you somehow missed the boat? 

Back in 2011, TV sitcom stalwart The Simpsons aired Episode #491 (NABF20), entitled "The Food Wife." I caught it in reruns for the first time tonight. Aside from the hilarious send-ups of celebrity chefs and uptown foodies, the episode turned a truly dark corner when it compared molecular gastronomy methamphetamine

Really, it's true - Gothamist and Esquire both scribed pieces about the show last year.

Credit: Simpsons Wikia | 20th Century Fox
Breaking Bad gives its swan song later this year. We know Walter and Jesse's lab work has truly permeated pop culture when references pop up on prime time comedy cartoon shows.

And how often do you get to see Homer Simpson stumble around a garage lab*? Priceless.

*(Even one that doesn't make any practical sense; are those goofy cones supposed to be filters? And why do TV writers always think we connect reflux retorts with 'mad scientist'-esque glass tubing?)

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