Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Fond Farewells

Today marked endings* (of sorts) for two prominent members of the chem-blogging community.

First up, Carmen Drahl - intrepid Chemical and Engineering News reporter - announced she was stepping down:

Just a few hours later, Paul Docherty of Totally Synthetic, arguably the blog that gave rise to post-peer-review in synthetic chemistry, called it quits to focus on a burgeoning informatics career.

I'd like to wish both Carmen and Paul a teary, heartfelt good-bye. After all, they both got me into blogging; see my Haystack and TotSyn guest posts. Moreover, they built the bridge from the Tenderbutton / In the Pipeline / The Chem Blog era into the rich and diverse bloggy landscape we enjoy today (see just a fraction of them, in my blogroll, at right).

Best wishes to both Carmen and Paul as they ride into the Internet sunset.

It's a road, off in the distance. Like a metaphor, or something.

*But not for me. Sorry, chemblogosphere, you're stuck with the pup for yet another year.


  1. You will be missed, See Arr Oh!

    (I've decided to only read headlines from now on. I think I got the gist of this post...)

  2. Thanks SAO. I think what's gratifying to me has been the inroads the chemblog-vid-tweet-osphere has made in the wider sciblogging/sciwriting community. Chemistry has been this thing that's seen as too arcane for even science journalists to cover. That's just silly. I will never forget a convo I had at happy hour with the chemistry reporter from a brand-name magazine who was trying to expand their beat b/c they didn't think there was anything new and sexy going on in basic chemistry. Keep on showin' 'em otherwise.